Hair serum for damaged hair is a hair-styling companion product that works as a cleanser as well as an ideal solution for multiple hair-care problems. The hair serum’s components rejuvenate the hair by restoring its shine and glossy appearance.

These ingredients also shield against damage from heat from the environment or hair-care equipment such as straighteners and blow-dryers. Hair serum is the ultimate hair treatment solution for your frizzy or dry hair if correctly applied.

Choosing the best hair serum will help you manage and repair your damaged hair. The article below discusses how to care for your hair using the best hair serum for damaged hair from H.Y Vitamins.

Know Your Hair Type

Daily hair care necessitates knowing your hair type, such as thin hair, curly hair, or straight hair, and how it behaves when exposed to various factors. Hair serums work perfectly for fine and coarse hair.

You can choose between thicker, fuller hair serum and curly hair serum. If you have thick, full hair, apply the serum when the hair is still wet to control the volume and give it some shine.

The serum works well on dull and dry hair; a quick touch-up goes a long way. Do not use too much; apply a pea-sized amount for fine hair and slightly more for thicker and fuller hair.

Always Apply the Product to the Ends of Your Hair

Applying hair serum to the ends of the wet hair ensures that you are distributing the serum to the vital sections of the hair. H.Y. Vitamins recommends applying the serum from the ends toward the roots for that ideal shine.

Before applying, rub it on your hands to heat it a little: this works like magic when you dispense the serum into the damp hair as it breaks down easily and absorbs effortlessly into the strands.

Use Keratin Hair Serum to Tame Unruly Hair Strands

Say goodbye to those annoying flyaway hairs by applying the argan oil hair serum to control frizzy hair. Frizz is caused by hair breakage at the root, and a simple application of the keratin hair treatment to the unruly strands is all you need.

Apply some pressure to the frizzy strands as you rub in the serum to get rid of any flyaways. The serum contains keratin, Moroccan argan oil, wheat germ oil, and vitamin E, all working together for the best results.

Apply to Shampooed Hair

Hair serum protects hair from damage from environmental elements, such as extreme heat, dirt, dust particles, and pollutants. Apply the serum to hair that has been shampooed, and for optimal results, always rub it in immediately afterward.

The serum creates a cover over the hair to protect it from damage. But if your hair is already damaged and dry from bleaching or perming products, the argan oil hair serum from H.Y. Vitamins contains proteins that rehabilitate your hair permanently.

Why H.Y Vitamins’ Hair Serum Works

●   H.Y. Vitamins’ Keratin Serum contains anti-frizz, ultra-hydrating keratin, and argan oil for healthy, glossy hair.

●   The cruelty-free protein complex moisturizes your hair, leaving it soft and silky while repairing split ends on brittle, dull hair.

●   The serum treats your hair with a professional moisture boost. It offers long-lasting frizz control for coarse hair and enhances your hair’s texture.

●   Argan oil and the keratin booster gently protect the hair from breakage while restoring and nourishing it for healthier hair days and promoting hair growth.

●   The keratin hair serum acts as a leave-in hair protectant. It does not contain parabens or sulfates and is ideal for bleached or color-treated fine hair.

The Take-Away

H.Y. Vitamins produces the highest quality hair products that are tailor-made for all hair types. The company agrees that different hair types require different treatments and solutions and have therefore produced various products for professional hairdressing salons and, recently, for home hair-care use. H.Y. Vitamins’ Keratin Hair Serum and other hair cosmetics such as hair mask, keratin shampoo, and more are available for purchase on vitamins hair cosmetics amazon store. Grab yourself a bottle today and enjoy healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

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