Keratin hair mask for dry, damaged and fine hair

If you’ve got dry, fine hair, you know the conundrum: your hair needs moisture, but many moisturizing products weigh your hair down. Once you apply them, your hair is no longer dry, but you spend days with it looking flat and weighed-down. To quench your hair’s thirst while keeping it light and full of body, Keratin Hair Mask for dry, damaged, and fine hair types is just what your hair needs. With its unique combination of herbal oils, moisturizers and nutrients, it strengthens, moisturizes and repairs your hair, while leaving it looking fresh and full of body.

Keratin hair mask – all the goodness nature provides

The rich-textured Keratin Hair Mask contains Keratin, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and a variety of herbal extracts that help nourish, moisturize, and strengthen your hair. They also smooth and soften your hair, leaving it healthy and shiny. The Keratin envelops your hair with a powerful protein layer, allowing each strand to be more elastic and flexible without breaking, while giving it a beautiful, full-bodied appearance. Keratin Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged, Fine Hair Type is perfect for people who are tired of having a head full of static electricity and split ends, as its strengthening and moisturizing properties help eliminate both.

Fine for fine hair, extra fine for dry and damaged hair

Keratin Hair Mask is great for both men and women. It is suitable for those with fine or thin hair, and is especially useful for people who have both fine hair and dry, damaged hair. If your hair is crunchy, brittle or damaged from environmental changes or from going through many chemical procedures, Keratin Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged, Fine Hair Type can make a huge difference in the quality of your coif.

Using the Keratin hair mask is easy

First, wash your hair with Vitamins’ Keratin Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair and then towel it dry. Apply a small quantity of the hair mask throughout your hair, placing special care on the ends – extra moisturizing the ends is what keeps split ends from reoccurring. Massage the mask in thoroughly and wrap your hair with a towel. Relax for five to ten minutes; this will allow the herbal oils and nutrient complex to nourish and repair your hair and scalp.

For optimal results, rinse-off the mask with lukewarm water. For extra moisturizing and repair, gently rinse out some of the mask, but don’t rinse it thoroughly. This will help increase its effectiveness.

For best results, it’s recommended that you use Keratin Hair Mask for dry damaged fine hair type twice a week. Always use it directly after washing your hair with Vitamins’ Keratin Shampoo.

What people say

People who have used Keratin Hair Mask to treat their fine, dry hair are ecstatic about the results. One woman was frustrated with the lack of results she had seen from other products she tried. Her hair was damaged from years of bleaches and dyes. She now says that she’ll use Keratin Hair Mask for the rest of her life. Not only did the mask restore life to her hair, she was happy to note that her hair is shinier and stronger, and she loves the smell of the product.

Another customer is incredibly pleased with the ease of use. She noted it is easy to apply, and she is happy it is easy to rinse out. Even better, her hair immediately felt softer and silkier and continued to feel replenished and healthier for days after treatment with the mask. She has also dyed her hair frequently and says that her hair hasn’t looked this healthy in years.

If you’re tired of having dry, flat, brittle hair—and you’ve also been frustrated with the results – or lack thereof – you’ve seen from other products, give Keratin Hair Mask a try! Luxurious hair full of shine and bounce awaits you!