Keratin hair serum for protecting and smoothing hair

Sometimes the treatments we use to make our hair beautiful can also leave it damaged and looking dried-out. Coloring, chemical treatments, ironing and blow-drying may be necessary to look our best, but they can also cause hair to frizz, become brittle, fade and have split ends. Keratin Serum is a quick solution to protect your hair from the damage that the environment and various hair treatments wreak on it.

Smoothing hair with keratin serum

Keratin Serum helps nourish your hair, repair past damage and protect against future damage. It contains Argan, Wheat Germ and Vitamin E oils, which work together to moisturize dry hair and bring back its gloss, softness and shine. Keratin Protein envelops your hair, restores its vitality, makes it full of body, and brings back its elasticity and flexibility.

As your hair becomes softer, shinier and healthier, the Keratin Serum helps it resist further damage. Are you sick of hair that’s full of static electricity and constantly looks frizzy from split ends? Keratin Serum will help you end those bad hair days. It also helps preserve the hair color shade, as well as protect hair from future damage caused by the environment, flat irons, blow-drying and chemical procedures.

Best of all, Keratin Serum doesn’t weigh down your hair. It’s an aqua-based, concentrated light-textured serum that is not greasy at all; it absorbs quickly and deeply into your hair, instantly providing nourishing moisture.

A keratin hair treatment for everyone

Keratin Serum is a product for everyone. Men can use it. Women can use it. It’s great for all hair types—from thin and fine to thick, full hair. Because it’s light, non-greasy and absorbs quickly, it won’t weigh down thin, fine hair. It penetrates deep, even into the thickest hair. If you’ve got brittle hair with split ends, Keratin Serum can help you start strengthening your hair to put an end to those split ends. If you’ve neglected your hair or put it through the wringer (or the dryer, or the flat iron), keratin serum will repair the damage, as well as help protect against future damage. The same applies for people who frequently dye or treat their hair with chemicals; this treatment will help repair past damage and also help keep current color from fading and being stripped out of your hair.

Easy use

Keratin Serum is very easy to use! You can apply it to damp or dry hair. If you have shorter hair, use 1 to 2 drops of serum. For longer hair, use 2 to 3 drops of serum. Put the serum in the palm of one hand and rub it against the other palm gently so as to spread a layer of product evenly over your two palms.

Next, run your fingers through your hair, starting at the bottom and working up to the top. Pay special attention to the hair tips and ends. Moisturizing the tips will help prevent split ends. Use Keratin Serum before applying any hair styling product and before flat ironing your hair.

NOTE: If you iron your hair after applying Keratin Serum, you might notice steam vaporizing off of your hair. This is due to the aqua base of the serum; however, the serum still protects your hair.

When should you use keratin serum?

Use Keratin Serum before you leave the house to prevent environmental damage. It’s especially effective to use it after washing your hair and using a conditioner and/or hair mask, as it helps seal in the extra moisture and nutrients. You can use it before or after drying your hair, but use Keratin Serum BEFORE using a flat iron so that it can protect your hair. Using it after drying with a hair dryer will help give your hair wave and bounce. You can use the serum more than once a day (especially in dry environments), as it has no greasy residue.

What people say

Users seem to think keratin serum is amazing! One customer said that she desperately needed something that could tame her curly, temperamental hair. Keratin Serum did the job—giving her hair a shine and calming her frizz. Another woman who had gray, thin hair was pleased that the serum moisturized her hair and treated split ends, without leaving her hair feeling greasy or oily. No matter your hair type, Keratin Serum can help you have the soft, healthy hair you’ve always wanted!