These are the haircuts, styles, and summer hair colors that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of in 2023!

Summer means beach days, barbecues, vacations, and making up for lost time during the coronavirus pandemic. With international travel, dining in, and socializing finally reverting back to pre-2023 normalcy in many places, most of us are celebrating a (long overdue) return to the old days.

With all this pent-up energy, it’s time to show up, show off, and show out. That means an eye-catching mane that will instantly make you the center of attention, whether you’re at a low key dinner or glamorous happening. Here are the biggest hair trends that will be sweeping the hair world during summer 2023.

Embrace Your Natural Hair

High-maintenance cuts and hair color that required frequent salon upkeep went out the window during lockdowns, and many hair professionals predict that people won’t be rushing back to the routine of a trip to the stylist’s chair every three weeks.

“Life drastically changed after many months of quarantine, and so did our habits, routines, and priorities,” Aaron Grenia, a master hair stylist, told Cosmopolitan. “We’re learning to embrace our truest selves—this means embracing our natural color and texture.”

In order to make your natural hair look its absolute best, you should seek out products that are specially formulated to nourish and enhance your specific hair type. If you have coarse, thick hair, consider a highly moisturizing leave-in conditioner curl cream to ensure that your tendrils are shining and bouncing happily.

For ladies with fine hair and thin hair, slightly more lifted root, a leave-in conditioner specifically for this hair type is a godsend. It’s critical that you use products that won’t weigh down your delicate mane.

Not sure you’re 100% ready to commit to a new product? No worries. You can try a sample size to make sure that the solution works for you.

Mushroom / Oyster Brown

Typically, summer is seen as the time to lighten up your mane. Whether you’re more into sunkissed or golden highlights or dramatic platinum, summer is the most common season in which people take the plunge and go brighter blonde tones.

But this year, top hairstylists say, is shaping up to be different.

“This year, a mushroom brown is what all-natural brunettes should be asking for if you are looking to spice things up,” prominent hair colorist Katerina Proko told Women’s Health Magazine.

This shade is perfectly suited to a wide range of skin tones and involves cool tones ashy color rather than a warm caramel hue.

“If you are blonde and looking for something different but are not completely committed to being darker, ask for a toner to tone your hair looking for more beigey, summer tan tones,” Proko added. “This will make you feel like you are glowing even if you haven’t seen the sun in a while.”

The key to keeping your cool, icy mushroom brown or undertoned blonde hair looking its absolute best is by embracing purple hair products that preserve your skin tone. A highly pigmented purple shampoo used on a regular basis will preserve your color, whether you’ve gone for blonde highlights, balayage, ombre, or all-over color.

A purple deep conditioning mask gives you double benefits. It will keep your color looking brilliant, vivid, and salon-fresh between visits to the stylist’s chair.

It can also heal and restore your hair, particularly longer styles that’s been damaged by the dyeing process.

Beat the Heat

Humidity and summer heat waves often wreak havoc on our hair — so practical styles that stay looking polished and sleek despite sweat and hot air will always be big during the summer months. A Keratin serum can ensure that you won’t deal with unsightly frizz or flyaways, even when humidity is through the roof.

You can even use a Keratin serum to slick back your hair in a cool ponytail that’s perfect for today’s beauty trends.

“The classic low/high pony with a baby part will definitely be trending this summer as a lot of people like to keep their hair up when it’s hot outside,” Polko told Elle.

“To create this dynamic look, pull hair back into a ponytail and create a center part, sectioning off about 1.5″ of hair at the front on both the left and right side. Once the ponytail is secured, pull back one of the sections and secure, and follow with the second section and secure.”

This summer, try a new product to enhance your natural beauty instead of radically changing your hair color or style. If you have always wanted to try a certain color or style, go for it! Experimenting with your hair is a great way to find new looks that you love.

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