Soft mullets, rich copper tones, and braids, braids, braids are some of the spring hair styles that are poised to sweep the season in 2022.

After the drudgery of cold weather and stay-at-home orders that sometimes made it feel like life had come to a complete halt, it’s time to celebrate. Spring is here, bringing with it warmer weather and a sense of good things to come.

The most popular spring 2022 hair trends are all about new beginnings, welcoming the change in the seasons, and returning to social life after two years of grinding lockdowns. The world is opening up once again, and that optimistic, positive spirit of renewal is felt in the spring 2022 hair color trends and hairstyles that are sweeping both the internet and real-life.

Here are the 7 hairstyles and color trends for spring that we’ll definitely be embracing in 2022.

Braids, braids, braids

Low-maintenance or intricate and visually stunning, braids are one of the most versatile spring hair styles out there, and the best part is that they’re DIY. You don’t need any fancy tools or thousands of dollars in product to achieve gorgeous braids — all you need are your fingers!

Both wispy side-braids, thick mermaid or fishtail braids, crown braids, and classic side braids are all set to make a major comeback in spring 2022. There are a plethora of videos on YouTube that can help you learn how to create the braids of your dreams.

Braids provide a unique opportunity to show off your hair’s natural texture, but if you’re suffering from brittle or dry hair, consider using a deeply hydrating, nourishing hair mask to restore your distressed tresses back to their former glory.

Classic sleek style

Slick, straight hair never goes out of style, and for good reason. It’s universally flattering and instantly makes you look classy and put-together. The other thing about sleek hair is that it’s more manageable than you might expect. You can slick back a high ponytail or low chignon for an instant polished look.

For a truly eye-catching, head-turning sleek look, use a Keratin serum to smooth away baby hairs and tame frizz. It’s key that you use a serum that’s water-based, as some serums and oils have greasy formulas that can leave your mane looking wet or greasy. Consider a lightweight, and remember that a little bit goes a long way.

Warm copper tones

Red hair has always been a source of fascination, wonder, and delight to people all around their world. There’s nothing as eye-catching as a gorgeous ginger mane sparkling in the sunlight. If you’ve considered going red but felt too nervous to take the plunge, the time is now. Soft, subtle red tones, ranging from copper to auburn, are now more commonplace than ever, and they’re a far cry from the carrot-colored dull shades of yore.

If you have blonde or lighter brown hair, try using ombre or balayage with red tones in order to make your shade as natural as possible. For those with darker hair, consult with a stylist. It’s likely that you’ll need to bleach your mane in order for the red tones to be visible, but you don’t necessarily have to lighten all of your tresses — just the area where you intend to place the tones.

Sunkissed highlights

On that same note, natural is the name of the game. Buttery, honey blonde tones, warm chestnut brown tones, and subtle reds are heating up, and they’re the furthest thing from the high-maintenance highlights we’ve seen in recent years. The amazing thing about sunkissed highlights is that they look fabulous as they grow out, and won’t stick out like a sore thumb if you don’t faithfully go for a touch up every six weeks.

However, it is critical that you use a purple shampoo in order to keep your highlights looking fresh and vibrant in between salon visits. For best results, you should also use a purple mask that’s pigmented and locks in your color, ensuring that it keeps looking gorgeous even if you dye it only once a year.

Modern soft mullet

The word ‘mullet’ might call to mind Billy Ray Cyrus (that’s Miley’s dad), 80s rock stars, and other dated style icons. But we’re here to tell you that this old-school style is super relevant today, albeit in a modified, less extreme version. Think shaggy bangs, rather than a blunt cut, and maybe even face-framing layers, alongside a shorter hair cut that doesn’t resemble the classic duck-tail style of the classic mullet.

If you have thick hair, proceed with caution. Bushy bangs can be challenging to manage, and your voluminous locks may require a stylist who understands how to strike the delicate balance between your thick mane and a highly asymmetrical style.

A rich array of celebrities as diverse as Rihanna to Scarlett Johannsson are proudly rocking the “business in front, party in back” hair style. Playful and visually striking, soft mullets are not for the faint of heart. It’s definitely a trend to watch for spring 2022 hair, even if you don’t feel ready to take the plunge right now or prefer to sit this style out.

Casual side ponytail

A side ponytail is like comfort food – you know exactly what to expect, and while it’s maybe not the most unique hair style, it’s a reliable classic that will never do you wrong. Even supermodels rock a side pony on their day off, and if done right, this hairstyle can look super chic. Consider topping your look off with a corduroy or pastel colored baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses — you’ll look like a celeb that’s trying to go incognito for the day.

For a glamorous upgrade to your everyday pony, sweep up your tresses into a high, Ariana Grande-like ponytail that will make you look Red Carpet ready. You can even use temporary, clip in extensions specifically for ponytails that will give you instant volume and length. You can style your pony in any number of ways. If your hair is healthy, it will look gorgeous in any style.