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H. Vitamins offers independent salons, creative hair-design artists, spas and national retailers, the possibility of creating a unique brand and product line.

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Own Your Success

When you partner with H. Vitamins you’ll receive access to:

  • In-depth knowledge about hair & body care manufacturing, business needs and trends
  • In-house research and development
  • Prestigious formulations
  • State-of-the-art technology and top quality ingredients
  • Standard, upgraded and custom packaging
  • Branding and creative design services

For an affordable set up price, we’ll help you create your own product line so you can invest in your brand and own your success.

Our Proven Process

Crafting the Concept

At this stage our clients arrive with an idea, maybe a product example or a scent they are after. Through a process of ideation and testing, we help you craft a concept along with the business decisions that will help create a business asset, not just a product line with your name on it.


We’ll help you select a product from our vast library of proven formulations. You can customize a formulation, modify it, or ask for a unique formulation.

Packaging & Design

There is an abundance of packaging options to choose from, all aesthetically pleasing and constructed from the highest quality materials. Our team of graphic designers is available to assist clients in the creation of stunning artwork and package decoration. They specialize in design for hair and body care products and are familiar with all aspects of private label artwork.

Price Estimate

At this stage we’ll have a pretty good idea about what you need and we’ll offer a price estimate for your consideration.

R&D and Validation

When a client asks us to customize a formulation, modify it, or requests a unique formulation, our chemical engineers go to work, so to produce product samples for your approval. Information sharing on raw materials, technical data, material safety data sheets, and clinical data is provided through our vendors and our close relationship with their laboratories.

Final Price Quote

At this phase you’ll know the exact set-up price of your private label to be. This is a decision point and the time for – go no go.

Contract, Down Payment and Production

When you decide ‘go’, we’ll sign a contract. Your down payment will ignite Vitamins’ in-house production process. In parallel, the finalized and approved artwork is printed through fast label outsourcing. Along the production phase, you’ll receive updates from your account manager.

Logistics & Shipping

We aim to deliver as fast as possible. Whatever shipping entails, we’ll meet your particular needs. We regularly ship everything from small packages to large International containers and routinely work with UPS or local agents. We can use our client’s carrier of choice, and can also work through freight forwarders. All shipping is inspected by our shipping manager and undergoes a final quality check to ensure that packages are adequately prepared, secured, and ready for departure.

Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, we produce and sell unfilled materials.
Yes, we offer volume discounts.
Yes, we offer a small quantity of free samples. However, clients cover the courier cost.

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